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YouTube Channel Redesigns

The first of many rumored changes taking place today on YouTube has happened to the channel pages. Go here to see an example of the new channel page layout.
YouTube’s new channel layout redesign looks quite slick compared to the channels we’ve had for the past few years. Less boxy, less separated, the channel page now [...]

BlogTV Working Smarter than YouTube?

Last night YouTube updated parts of its design. The update appears to be completely cosmetic, for now, as I haven’t noticed any new features. YouTube does this often.
Most YouTubers wish staff would focus on current buggy features over new buggy features. Many current features should be improved or made stable before YouTube adds any additional [...]

Free Resources for Your Next Profile Design

YouTube allows you to control many aspects of your channel design, but sometimes finding images, design inspiration, or free image-editing software, can be a pain. So, I’ve put together a resource list here of some free stuff that will ignite your creative spark!
When redesigning your channel profile, keep a few things in mind:

Readability is key. [...]

Do You Need a Response Channel?

Early on, YouTubers decided that as they got bigger - more views, more subscribers, more comments - they needed a place for all their less-than-entertaining videos. They needed a place for unedited vlogs, or video responses to others’ videos. I mean, c’mon, these Tubers couldn’t bore their audience with a video of them just talking [...]


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