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Viral Video Wannabe

Inspiration Video Contest Winners!

This past Sunday saw the conclusion of my second Video Challenge where I asked the question, “What inspires you?” I received 26 amazing entries from all kinds of YouTubers. Thank you to everyone who entered.
From those 26 entries both my guest judges (nerimon and achampag) both agreed that two vloggers deserved a tie for first [...]

Hooking Up and Selling Out

For those of you who don’t spend 12 hours a day on YouTube – HBO is launching a new web series on YouTube today called Hooking Up. Hooking Up “stars” lonelygirl15’s Jessica Rose, sxephil, kevjumba and Deanna Casaluce of Degrassi. Occasional cameo appearances are made by charlestrippy, whatthebuckshow, davedays, nalts, smpfilms and even the fiveawesomeguys [...]


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