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Viral Video Wannabe

The New YouTube Front Page

A few weeks ago YouTube made the pointless swap of calling the featured videos “spotlighted videos” and renaming spotlighted videos to “featured videos”. Yesterday, we got our first hint at the reason why: YouTube has completely removed the Featured, I mean, Spotlighted videos from the front page.
Instead, the front page of, for the millions [...]

Like a virus…

Most viral videos are categorized by their view counts. I prefer to think of a viral video in terms of who it reaches, and whether or not those viewers are part of your targetted audience.
It’s no secret I make videos for other YouTubers. My videos do not make sense outside of YouTube. Burned to a [...]

Hooking Up and Selling Out

For those of you who don’t spend 12 hours a day on YouTube – HBO is launching a new web series on YouTube today called Hooking Up. Hooking Up “stars” lonelygirl15’s Jessica Rose, sxephil, kevjumba and Deanna Casaluce of Degrassi. Occasional cameo appearances are made by charlestrippy, whatthebuckshow, davedays, nalts, smpfilms and even the fiveawesomeguys [...]

BlogTV Working Smarter than YouTube?

Last night YouTube updated parts of its design. The update appears to be completely cosmetic, for now, as I haven’t noticed any new features. YouTube does this often.
Most YouTubers wish staff would focus on current buggy features over new buggy features. Many current features should be improved or made stable before YouTube adds any additional [...]


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