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Cool blogTV trick!

Ever get stuck in a main room on blogTV and wish you could refresh the video window without leaving the main room? Happens a lot when broadcasts freeze. Next time this happens to you, rather than refreshing the page and getting stuck in a waiting room with all the spammers, erase the blogTV url and [...]

I’m Live! Right Now: Free blogTV eBook

This eBook is, first and foremost, a guide for beginner broadcasters who want to understand the numerous features of blogTV. It is written simply, by a daily user of the site, so you won’t find any technical mumbo jumbo here. I am not employed by blogTV, and blogTV did not have any [...]

Inspiration Video Contest Winners!

This past Sunday saw the conclusion of my second Video Challenge where I asked the question, “What inspires you?” I received 26 amazing entries from all kinds of YouTubers. Thank you to everyone who entered.
From those 26 entries both my guest judges (nerimon and achampag) both agreed that two vloggers deserved a tie for first [...]

Viral T-Shirts?

My good friend and fellow YouTuber, Hank Green, recently brought me in on a pretty unique investment opportunity for an environmentally-friendly t-shirt company. We call ourselves MeatSpaceTees and we make not only nerdfighter and YouTube shirts, but also general political humor and geeky shirts.
Hank and I have worked on numerous successful YouTube projects together, so [...]

Collab Challenge Winner!

Two weeks ago I wrapped up my first challenge in which I asked readers to make a collaboration video on YouTube with someone who they had never collaborated with before. The challenge was mostly to help foster the YouTube community, while also providing some promotion to the winner.
Michael Buckley (WhatTheBuckShow) and Kevin Nalty (nalts) were [...]

Like a virus…

Most viral videos are categorized by their view counts. I prefer to think of a viral video in terms of who it reaches, and whether or not those viewers are part of your targetted audience.
It’s no secret I make videos for other YouTubers. My videos do not make sense outside of YouTube. Burned to a [...]

Hooking Up and Selling Out

For those of you who don’t spend 12 hours a day on YouTube – HBO is launching a new web series on YouTube today called Hooking Up. Hooking Up “stars” lonelygirl15’s Jessica Rose, sxephil, kevjumba and Deanna Casaluce of Degrassi. Occasional cameo appearances are made by charlestrippy, whatthebuckshow, davedays, nalts, smpfilms and even the fiveawesomeguys [...]


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