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Guest post written by Micahel W. Dean, co-author of YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts
Basically, a large part of being a success on YouTube is interacting with everyone in a professional manner. It’s often the difference between being well employed and being unemployed.
I remember several years ago talking to a guy I know [...]

Mediocre Films Interview

Greg, of Mediocre Films (over 120,000 subscribers on YouTube) has his plate full lately, with numerous online series, work for 20th Century Fox and more. But Greg was kind enough to talk with me for a bit, and answer some questions for the readers of my blog.
AL: When and why did Mediocre Films start making [...]

ClipCritics Interview

ClipCritics are a partially animated show on YouTube with over 20,000 subscribers. Most episodes review or light-heartedly criticize other YouTubers. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Chad from the ClipCritics:
AL: When and why did the ClipCritics start making videos for YouTube?
CC: The ClipCritics is a slither of a more ambitious idea called [...]

blogTV Week!

At midnight tonight, Collab Challenge week ends, and blogTV week begins!
Over the course of the next week I am going to plan and begin writing a short eBook about blogTV, for new users and broadcasters looking to find an audience, or just understand all the site has to offer.
Scheduled for this special blogTV week so [...]

Promoting a YouTube Collab Video

This week I’m running a collab video contest; this is the final post in a series that I hope has made your collab’ing experience more enjoyable. Yesterday we went over how to find someone to collab with. Today, we are going to talk about promoting a collab video.
Having a YouTubelebrity in your video doesn’t guarantee [...]

How to Find Collab Partners

Yesterday I shared the Secrets of Making a Great Collab Video. But, while you might have a brilliant script and an eye for editing, if you can’t find anyone to collab with you, your video will never materialize. (unless of course, you make a collab with yourself)
Before you begin contacting other YouTubers about working together, [...]

Secrets of Making a Great Collab Video

I’m currently hosting a collab video contest, with prizes including promotion from some huge YouTubers, and a copy of my upcoming book, YouTube: An Insider’s Guide to Climbing the Charts. So this week, all of my posts will focus on various collab video topics.
Collaboration videos include more than one YouTube user. Collabs are a great [...]

BlogTV Working Smarter than YouTube?

Last night YouTube updated parts of its design. The update appears to be completely cosmetic, for now, as I haven’t noticed any new features. YouTube does this often.
Most YouTubers wish staff would focus on current buggy features over new buggy features. Many current features should be improved or made stable before YouTube adds any additional [...]

Twitter: A One-Act Play

This started out as a video idea, where someone would have a conversation with Twitter as if the website could answer. But as I tried to create the video, it just didn’t work. However, in text format, it works beautifully!
Click here to read Twitter: A One-Act Play.

How I Met Your Buck

I’ve made collab videos with a lot of “popular” YouTubers. I’ve appeared on LisaNova’s channel. I’ve appeared on WhatTheBuckShow’s channel. Hell, I’ve appeared on YouTube’s official company channel. I’ve written videos for Lisa. I’ve edited a video for Buck… After which I always get asked a lot about how I became friends with, or how [...]


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